Limb deformity encompasses a wide range of conditions --from children who have genetic conditions affecting the way their limbs develop, to those whose limbs become deformed due to high-energy trauma. While the specialty is wide, the Colorado Limb Consultants team has more experience than most orthopedic teams caring for the most complex limb deformities with the singular focus of helping patients meet reach personal goals.

While our team is versatile and experienced enough to care for any type of congenital deformity, some of the common conditions we see include:

  • Congenital talipes equinovarus
  • Flat foot
  • Congenital vertical talus
  • Calcaneovalgus foot
  • Congenital genu varus
  • Tarsal coalition
  • Metatarsus adductus
  • Leg length discrepancy

Our team offers individualized treatment plans for our patients that made include several treatments together. Some of our treatments include:

  • Bone transport
  • Limb lengthening
  • Correction of malalignment