As a team solely focused on the treatment of the most complex orthopedic needs, Colorado Limb Consultants are specialists in delivering state-of-the-art care to prevent unwanted or unnecessary amputations. Whether caused by a severe accident, peripheral vascular disease, cancer treatment, diabetes or neuropathy, our team partners with you to retain the ability to use your limb and increase its stability.

"What people said was impossible Dr. Hahn was able to do. When others would have taken my leg, he was able to allow me to keep my leg. For that, I am very thankful"

Marcus, B., Motorcycle accident survivor

Our team is experienced in offering new hope and optimism to patients who have been given grim diagnoses by other providers. Because we are solely focused on complex orthopedics and limb preservation, our physicians have uniquely vast experience in complex orthopedic care, treating more than 10,000 patients with conditions that jeopardize the limbs.

"At that point, my existing orthopedist realized he was probably in over his head due to the degree of difficulty, and the degree of damage from the infection, so at that point I was referred to Colorado Limb Consultants... Dr. Hahn not only saved my leg and saved my ankle, but potentially saved my life. He not only was able to do that medically, but at the same time, offer top level care, genuine empathy, genuine support throughout all of his procedures and appointments."

Brian K., Ladder fall survivor

Fellowship-trained and experienced in joint preservation and joint reconstruction procedures, our surgeons provide customized care plans (and often innovative treatment options) that are created in concert with leaders from other disciplines such as plastic surgery and oncology.