Our program is one of only a handful in the country to provide an FDA-approved system for bone-anchored prosthetics in above-the-knee amputees. The system relies on the body’s unique ability to accept and integrate a titanium implant placed in the bone.

Called osseointegration, this process allows surgeons to firmly and permanently anchor a prosthetic in place.

Because there is no socket (like traditional prosthetics), the prosthetic will always fit, always attach properly and always remain in place firmly. In addition, osseointegration prosthetics can be used on patients with very short residual limbs and those who are unable to tolerate traditional prosthetics. In addition, patients with osseointegrated prosthetics enjoy:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Better stability
  • No socket side effects: pressure sores, pain, heat, chafing, discomfort
  • Improved osseoperception (the ability to perceive the world through the limb)
  • More natural gait
  • Ability to sit more naturally

Dr. Daniel Lerman is the only surgeon in Colorado to perform this procedure with the FDA-approved system.